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How to use Y2mate to download Youtube videos?

Convert & Download Youtube Videos

Hello, welcome to Y2mate. Or as we call it - Y2mait. It's just another way to seem less like the original, while retaining all functionality that the first and the greatest - - always had and probably still has. Only we do it with less to none ads, almost no popups, no redirects, definitely no malware or viruses. We are a safe and secure version of Y2mate. Here we hope your visit will be most fulfilling, there will be no extra hoops to jump thru, and experience will be so nice that you'll always come back in the future. This is Y2mate promise and it will be our vision. Users first, so we have a multitude of features and functions that we know you'll love. Here are some of them:

Download videos from 100s of websites

Y2mate makes it easy to download videos from all social networks, like Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. If you have a channel on Vimeo or Dailymotion, - it can be fully backed up to your home computer using Y2mate. If you need to tranfer your videos from TikTok to your Aparat account - Y2mate comes helpful and highly recommended by the top tiktokers and aparaters. It is as simple as copying video URL and then downloading video file. Or video can be turned into audio, by either isolating the audio container or converting it to MP3 format. Everything is within reach when you're using Y2mate.

Y2mate's own web-app

Add to Home Screen

It's official: Y2mate now has its own web-based app, it uses your browser and our website to make it look like a native app on Windows or Android platform. Check it out, once installed no updates are needed ever, very little storage is occupied, so it's one of the most amazing apps you'll ever come across. Try it out.

Shortcut for downloader

Convert to mp3

This is nothing new, just a bookmark that can do wonderful things. Well, just 1 thing.. Drag and drop this button to your Bookmarks section first. Then you can test it by visiting some Youtube video and hitting the bookmark. It will send you and the page you're on to Y2mate, just press the Download button now.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

What is the best way to download Youtube?

  1. Copy URL address from the video page by going into the Share menu, then Copy Link option.
  2. Open Y2mate, insert video link URL into the search box on top, hit Download button and wait for the data
  3. In a few seconds download menu will load up, you can now select bitrate or quality options and download file in your desired format.

Where do files go on my mobile device?

It's easy to locate your downloads on any device, - simply go into browser options and tap the one that says 'Downloads'. But if list comes up empty, try saving new file and checking where it ends up, - your other files will be there as well, most likely.

How many videos can I download here?

No limits on daily or even hourly downloads. Just no more than 1 download at a time, please, respect other users who are also downloading videos now.