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Convert Youtube music to mp3 files & download?

Youtube music to mp3 file converter

Y2mate is one of the best places invented to get current hot music from Youtube for free. There are no tricks, all we do is provide you with audio track from Youtube video, sometimes in its original M4A or WEBM format, and other times we convert audio to MP3 format, if you so desire. This way you can download all hit songs from Youtube to your personal laptop or even smartphone. Podcasts? Motivational speeches? Lectures? Seminars? Instead of streaming those, - convert them to MP3 and listen on your way to work or any other times when WiFi is not readily available. It is easy and anyone can do it.

Yt video downloader uses MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

Youtube videos are easy to download and convert into a hefty list of popular audio formats. Those include MP3, of course, as it is very important to be able to convert Youtube videos to MP3. Then again some people, including us, consider M4A a better and sound-richer format for music storing, and so we have added M4A extraction to the download options menu. WEBM (or AAC) is another popular audio storage container format. Check out, we might offer other formats for audio downloads, if they are available at the source, as we always pass all the possible download options on to you.

YtMp3 converter web-app

Add to Home Screen

It's official: Y2mate now has its own web-based app, it uses your browser and our website to make it look like a native app on Windows or Android platform. Check it out, once installed no updates are needed ever, very little storage is occupied, so it's one of the most amazing apps you'll ever come across. Try it out.

Mp3 converter shortcut

Convert to mp3

This is nothing new, just a bookmark that can do wonderful things. Well, just 1 thing.. Drag and drop this button to your Bookmarks section first. Then you can test it by visiting some Youtube video and hitting the bookmark. It will send you and the page you're on to Y2mate, just press the Download button now.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

Best way to download Youtube video as mp3?

  1. Open the Youtube video you need to download, copy its link to clipboard.
  2. Open y2mait and insert video link in the search box, press Download.
  3. Finally from drop-down with download options select MP3 and proceed with it..

How to convert Yt to mp3 on a smartphone?

  1. From Youtube app copy the video URL: tap Share menu and find Copy Link option there.
  2. Insert video URL into the search box and let's see how it can be downloaded or converted
  3. Wait for download options menu, select the one you like, and download audio file.

Where are the downloaded audio files get stored?

Files you download on your device are automatically saved in the default downloads folder, you can find it via browser Downloads menu option, or by going into your system shortcuts, usually those have defualt location for file downloads .

Can I save Youtube to mp3 converter to Apple device?

To be able to use our mp3 converter, you'd have to jail-break your apple device, otherwise you're not allowed to download media files to your device. Or you need these special programs that do it for you temporarily, like Documents and others.